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10 “What if…” Writing Prompts

Wondering what your next project should be? Let’s get the juices flowing with these 10 “What if… ” Writing Prompts.

“What if…” questions are so inspiring for me because no two answers will be the same. Not only will they be different but they can go in polar opposite directions.  They are an excellent way to expand on new ideas and explore old.

Not only do I love these for writing prompts but I use them to brainstorm. What I mean is, I’ll write out a question and answer it in 3-5 different ways. Then select the best for the plot or move on to explore the answer more. I’ll provide an example at the end.

I’ll be using “you” in my what if questions but it will be referring to whatever character you have in mind for the story.

10 What if… Writing Prompts:

  1. What if you walked into your doctor’s office and you found everyone dead?
  2. What if the woman standing next to you at the bank turned towards you and whispered, “Run.”
  3. What if a dinosaur was discovered to be thriving in the Amazon?
  4. What if you were about to wed and a bridesmaid stepped out of line to object?
  5. What if you found out your brother was an alien?
  6. What if you found a baby on your front porch?
  7. What if each time you fell asleep you awoke in a different world?
  8. What if your parents told you they kidnapped you?
  9. What if a warrior was holding a blade to your throat?
  10. What if you bought a lotto ticket with your last 10 dollars?

I hope you enjoyed these prompts and find something in them that will inspire you to write. I’ll share a bonus one with you to show you an example of how I use questions to brainstorm.

BONUS: What if a hooded figure knocked on your door?

  • She lunges at me as soon as the doors cracked.
  • I cower, peeking at her through the blinds. I knew she would come for me.
  • I swing the door open and jump into his arms. He is finally home.

I would probably choose to write on number two. It’s a little bit darker, and I find that’s where I’m in my element. But do you see how this could go several ways?

Here’s the bonus challenge. Pick one of these questions and provide 3-5 answers then select the best. Free write for ten minutes after and see where it takes you. Maybe, it’s your next story.

Thanks so much for checking out my writing prompts and I sincerely hope these inspired you. Don’t forget I would love to see any work that you produce using these prompts!

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