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7 YouTubers Every New Writer Must Follow

Are you just starting on your writing journey? Maybe you’re a hobbyist that wants to transition to something more serious? Well, I’d like to introduce you to these seven lovely ladies that have helped me make that same transition.

1.) Jenna Moreci –

She’s snarky, sarcastic and fantastic. Jenna was a huge inspiration for me and the first vlogger I found. Her videos are highly entertaining and typically short, sweet and to the point. Maybe a little less on the sweet side. Jenna has 114 (and counting) videos on her channel, and nearly all of them are packed with writing related content. I think having close to 100,000 followers speaks for the content itself.

She self-published her debut novel Eve: The Awakening in 2015. Her next novel, The Savior’s Champion is expected to be released in 2018.

2.) Kim Chance –

Kim is the sweetest secret Disney princess you will ever find. She was a middle school teacher now, since moving to Michigan and having her son, she is a full-time editor/author. She provides writing advice as well as giving her viewers the real feelings behind being traditionally published and it’s not all pixies and roses.

Her novel Keeper just found it’s publishing home and is expected to be released in 2018.

3.) Vivien Ries –

Vivien is as down to earth as they get and her quirky personality grows on you. She’s a huge inspiration for those that work full time as well as write. The tips she provides are not only about writing but also, self-publishing.

Her novel The Elysian Prophecy is expected to be released in Winter 2017.

4.) Kristin Martin –

Talk about inspirational. This girl does it all. She has a full-time corporate job, three novels under her belt, a very active youtube channel, a podcast, and she volunteers. She is the person everyone wants to be. Not only that but as of last month, Kristin is an Amazon International Best Selling Author. She gives amazing writing and self-publishing advice.

You can check out her books The Alpha Drive, The Order of Omega, and Restitution by clicking the pictures below. Her new Dark Fantasy series Shadow Crown has a projected release date of October 3rd, 2017.


5.) Ellen Brock – 

Ellen is a novel editor. Viewers will find her advice more technical and precise. Which is quite refreshing when you’ve heard people give the same general advice over and over, but she goes into detail.

6.) Shaelin Bishop Aka: ShaelinWrites –

Shaelin is wise beyond her years. At only 20 years old she is already the author of eight (YES, EIGHT!) novels. She has yet to publish them traditionally or self-publish but, I’d expect to see some of her work in the near future.

Currently, Shaelin is a creative writing student and provides writing advice, as well as all the anxieties that come along with being a writer.

7.) Rachael Stephen-

Now, I just recently found Rachael, but I find her advice straight forward and inspiring. Sometimes you just need someone to tell it like it is to have it really sink in. Rachel is the author of State of Flux.


I truly hope these ladies can help you as they’ve helped me. I’ve found myself watching some of their videos over when I’m looking for specific advice I may not have retained the first time. Don’t forget to check out their books by clicking the pictures above. I hope you’ll enjoy them like I did.

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As always, thank you so much for stopping in and until next time, happy writing!

Happy Writing!



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