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10 Dialogue Writing Prompts

One line really drove my ambition to write Hello, Darkness. “After all, I was the little girl they found curled on the floor, screaming about monsters.” It was that line that I couldn’t let go from my first drafts. It’s jumped around and found its home in several different places, but it’s always been there. I think dialogue plays a huge part in our stories and can convey a lot about our characters.

When you read through these prompts, think about what the character would be like that would say these things. Are they funny? Maybe, on the insane side? Or are they broken beyond repair?

10 Dialogue Writing Prompts
  • “How long have you known?”

“Since before you were born.”

  • “Have you tried it? Cannibalism, I mean.”
  • “Remember, I’m not entirely human anymore.”
  • “You said you loved me.”

“Did I?”

  • “Tell me where it is before I find it and use it on you.”
  • “Whatever you do, promise me you won’t go through that door.”
  • “Hush, you’ll wake the demon.”
  • “If you could even begin to comprehend where I’ve been, you’d be terrified of me.”
  • “Well, unfortunately for you, you don’t get to ask the questions.”
  • “You’re insane. Everything about this plan is illegal.”


Note: After writing this, I realized several of these are very dark… My apologies. I guess that’s why I write about vampires and murder.

I’d love to hear feedback on if you’re enjoying these prompts or any suggestions for future blog posts.

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