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Wednesday Writing Prompts 51-60

Happy Wednesday everyone! Here’s 10 new writing prompts just for you.


1.) I stared at the deep purple vial he twisted between his fingers and resisted the urge to snatch it from his filthy hands.

2.) He handed me three goblets of piss looking beer. This should do the trick.

3.) My entire life had been a dream and I just woke up.

4.) It’s simple. We need to ambush the ambushers.

5.)” You shouldn’t underestimate him.”

“He shouldn’t underestimate me.”

6.) “I’m going to the office.”

“Yeah. Well, you are the manager. Go manage.”

7.) You know, I did get shot.”

“Well, it looks like it went right through you.”

8.) We all go a little mad sometimes. But don’t worry, I’m back.

9.) On a drug running scale – I’d say this is mild.

10.) “I think you’re beautiful.”

“You’re drunk and not going to like you said that in the morning.”

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