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13 Spooktacular Writing Prompts

Do you enjoy writing about things that go bump in the night? With Halloween just around the corner, I was feeling in a festive mood. If you enjoy writing horror, suspense, thriller or you just want to write something spooky, these 13 Spooktacular writing prompts are just for you.


  1. The hall before me was vacant but that didn’t stop the shadows that danced on the walls.
  2. A bright beam lit the night sky and a body lifted into the air.
  3. Bodies posed like mannequins are found in a deserted basement, submerged in tanks full of a strange liquid.
  4. They found her cuffed and latched to a bed, a single trickle of blood running down her chin.
  5. A small town fears something that lives in the woods.
  6. A character gets in an elevator and simply vanishes.
  7. Your character is singing in the shower. When she stops, someone is clapping.
  8. They locked the doors and windows but these creatures were coming from the ground.
  9. Every day at 3:23 pm an empty swing starts swinging.
  10. In the other room a child is playing, the parent stops to listen and hears him talking about a murder.
  11. They only come when I’m alone.
  12. Once everyone falls asleep, that’s when the walls begin to bleed.
  13. Write about a doll that mysteriously follows a family.

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