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Wednesday Writing Prompts 61-70

Happy Wednesday! Ten all new writing prompts for you!


1.) He’s still my husband, no matter what he’s done.

2.) I’m a national joke. No one’s ever going to believe me.

3.) Why would a nun be at a sex party?

4.) “Are you going to murder me because you’re a stranger I met on the internet?”

“Yes, I am.”

5.) My boss says I don’t know how to talk to women…which is ridiculous.

6.) “I guess I can’t hide my crazy.”

“Well, I don’t think you’re trying that hard.”

7.) Please put your shirt back on. I really don’t want to laugh at you.

8.) “You consider me sexy right?”

“Umm… I don’t know how I should answer that.”

9.) Look we’re not trying to be mean… we just don’t want you to be yourself.

10.) Your character is in the middle of traffic, they get out and run.

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