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Wednesday Writing Prompts 71-80

Happy Wednesday! Ten all-new writing prompts for you!


1.) We’re just two friends who are sometimes attracted to one another.

2.) Your character is offered their dream job but will have to partner with their ex.

3.) The city was calm and quiet in the night air until the little girl screamed.

4.) I don’t think I deserve all of his love. All I do is tease him.

5.) Your character covers for their friend at work and is forced to do something completely out of their element.

6.) No, you’re brave. You’ve always been braver than me.

7.) I never had a chance to tell her how I feel. Now’s the time, and I even bought a new shirt.

8.) Your characters ransack their own apartment.

9.) You have two options, we go back to that boat, and you can go live the miserable life with your father, or we stay on this island, and you actually live your life.

10.) From that day forward, she’d never be known as Lisa Marsh again.

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