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10 What if… Writing Prompts to Finish NaNoWriMo Strong

NaNoWriMo or National Novel Writing Month is a challenge in itself. But what happens when you are trucking along and you hit a wall?

Writing 50,000 words is not an easy feat at any time of the year let alone in one month. While I’m not participating in the traditional sense, I am trying to complete the second draft of my WIP which needed significant rewriting. That being said, I am seeing a lot of writers struggling and feeling discouraged. It is hard work but even if you haven’t met your word count goals, just keep going. Every time you write you are making progress, and that’s what it’s really about.

To help get you remotivated, I created 10 What if… writing prompts to help you finish your NaNoWriMo project strong!

1.) What if the princess killed the king?

2.) What if someone took something your character couldn’t live without?

3.) What if your character drew a blade on their best friend?

4.) What if your character runs away with a boy?

5.) What if your character gets lost in the woods?

6.) What if people are searching for your character?

7.) What if your character found a magic key?

8.) What if your character plans to vanish?

9.) What if your character finds a long lost relative?

10.) What if your character loses their magic?

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