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Wednesday Writing Prompts 91-100

Happy Wednesday! Ten all-new writing prompts for you!


1.) What could be so important that you dragged me from my bed before sunrise?

2.) As a human I agree with you, as a king, I cannot.

3.) There’s no right way to end this.

4.) I am with child, your grace. It is His Majesty’s.

5.) He’s richer than us and can call upon an army. Not even your father would have crossed him.

6.) No one wants to return to the dark days of war. The king is the king.

7.) Find all the gold and silver. We’ll use it to bribe the guards.

8.) Nothing will ever be the same. You and I will be immortal.

9.) A king rides into battle alone.

10.) The box held a gold ring studded with jewels the color of blood and a stone as black as coal.

Inspiration for these prompts from The Tudors.

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