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Wednesday Writing Prompts 101-110

Happy Wednesday! Ten all-new writing prompts for you!


1.) “Looks like these chains have been on this door for years.”

“Yeah, but to keep us out or to keep something else in?”

2.) People go mad when they enter the north wing.

3.) “Don’t worry, nothings going to get you,” he said before vanishing into the dark hallway.

4.) The only thing more dangerous than a pissed off spirit, is the pissed off spirit of a serial killer.

5.) No, I’m not leaving until we find him.

6.) “How are we supposed to get out?”

“That’s the point, we’re not.”

7.) “Ouch you’re hurting me?”

“What?” He looked down just in time to see a pale cracking hand clamped around her elbow.

8.) “186.” She shuddered. “He whispered 186 in my ear.”

9.) “Why would anyone want a job like that?”

“I had a crappy guidance counselor.”

10.) Your characters drive into a town where everyone has the same mysterious tattoo.

Some inspiration from Supernatural.

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