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Wednesday Writing Prompts 111-120

Happy Wednesday! Ten all-new writing prompts for you!


1.) The king ordered all magic wielders to be executed.

2.) Strangely shaped text filled the pages of the scroll, and I knew only one that could read it.

3.) The bloody knife fell to the floor as I realized what I’d done.

4.) Five strangers wake up in a random location, to discover they all have a special gift.

5.) A siren blasted through the city. That’s when they took control.

6.) Write a character that complains about everything.

7.) “Do you have a death wish? She literally has a bear for a pet.”

8.) “When we go in, you’re to stay quiet?”


“Because you’ve never spoken to a princess and you’ll probably say something stupid.”

9.) “As long as you’re with me, you’re safe, and don’t worry… I’ll never let you leave.”

10.) “When did you say you needed to be there?”

“It doesn’t matter now, I’m late anyway.”

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