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Wednesday Writing Prompts 121-130

Happy Wednesday! It’s a whole new week so that means I’ve got 10 new writing prompts for you!


1.) “Did you think he’d let you get away with it?”

“I thought he might be too dumb to catch on.”

2.) Have you ever wondered what it would be like if we didn’t have to fight for our lives every night?

3.) “Grow up.”

“Talk to me when you move out of your mother’s.”

4.) Stop! Hands in the air.

5.) The house teetered on the hill, like one strong gust would send it tumbling down towards us.

6.) I know you don’t trust me, but just this once I need you to help me.

7.) Watch where you’re pointing that ray-gun.

8.) You didn’t have to tell me. Your eyes told me the first time you saw her.

9.) Every night I looked up at the stars and felt them watching back.

10.) “I’m stellar. Why wouldn’t they like me?”

“Try being nice on for size.”

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