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Wednesday Writing Prompts 131-140

Happy Wednesday! It’s a whole new week so that means I’ve got 10 new writing prompts for you!


1.) She sat in the middle of the garden, her legs crossed in front of her and fire in her eyes.

2.) Can’t you see it? The spirit of the dragon is within her.

3.)How are you here? I watched you die yesterday.

4.) “I didn’t see anything.”

“Good. Let’s keep it that way.”

5.) Are you looking for us?

6.) “What are your plans for me?”

“It’s not my plans you should be worried about. It’s his.”

7.) “This is a bad idea.”

“Well, we ran out of good ideas a long time ago.”

8.) I saw it. We’re dead. We’re all dead.

9.) “What is that thing?”

“Whatever it is, it’s not from this world.”

10.) “This is your problem. You have no faith.”

“You nearly killed me. Twice.”

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