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Wednesday Writing Prompts 171-180

Welcome back for another week of Wednesday writing prompts. Some weeks, these prompts are so easy– I can walk outside, hear a bird chirp and boom idea. This week was not that kind of week. But nonetheless, I hope these writing prompts inspire you to create your next story or heck, just get the juices flowing. Here’s this week’s prompts:

1.) Fighting for our lives is getting a bit tiresome. Maybe we should try bowling?

2.) “What do you have behind your back?”


3.) We grew up together. You just never noticed I existed.

4.) Are you sure you want to do that? The last time you tried, it exploded.

5.) “I’ve never been so scared in my life.”

“…it was a bubble.”

6.) She was my guardian and I can hold her in the palm of my hand.

7.) They could hide in plain sight, by mirroring the forest floor.

8.) You will no longer love me if you see who I truly am.

9.) Five are alive.

10.) A box is uncovered with the words “If found, do not open,” scratched into its surface.

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