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Wednesday Writing Prompts 201-210

Welcome to another week of Wednesday Writing Prompts: “That’s been done before…” edition.

So last week, I posted a prompt “The ring holds all the power,” and I got several comments saying it was Lord of the Rings. Obviously, in some corner of my brain that was why it was there. Now don’t smite me when I say this but, I have never read any of the books and I fell asleep during the first movie, never having any interest to watch it again. *Cringe as you throw tomatoes at me.*

Well, here’s the thing, when I thought of this prompt, I was actually thinking about a witch standing in a circle of candles. Absolutely, nothing about LoTR. It got me thinking about how we could change up any line and make it our own. While yes, if you’re not me the first thing you think of is LoTR but that prompt could easily be about a boxing ring, a martial ring, a drug ring, or even a bell ringing.

So, this week I’m challenging you to the That’s Been Done Before challenge. Where you take one of these prompts that have been done before and make it your own. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

1.) An owl delivers a letter to a child.

2.) A closet holds a secret to a mystical place.

3.) A person moves to a new town and finds supernatural creatures living there.

4.) Fae and mortal lands are separated by a wall.

5.) A character has a magic mirror.

6.) A character makes a wish upon a star.

7.) Flying through the sky, a whole new world is discovered.

8.) An ancient magic lamp is found.

9.) A character follows a creature into a hole.

10.) Something valuable is lost at a ball.

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