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Wednesday Writing Prompts 211-220

Welcome back for another week of Wednesday writing prompts. While last week was fun, we’re back to regularly scheduled programming. I love reading your creations on Pinterest. They make me laugh, smile and sometimes cry. Please feel free to share them in the comments here as well! With that being said, I hope this week’s writing prompts inspire you to create your next story or heck, just get the juices flowing. Here’s this week’s prompts:

1.) I rode into the deserted town, the only thing left was the wishing well.

2.) Did she really believe she could hide from the Queen of Mist and Smoke?

3.) Lighting flashed across the sky, then the door opened.

4.) “I look like a lizard in a cape.”
“More like a crocodile with those teeth.”

5.) Amya curled up on my lap, her leathery tail thumping against my legs.

6.) Shattered steps appeared on the ridge before me— like they were the sole thing left behind.

7.) She leaned against the lamp post, searching for anything to guide her home.

8.) “Glow bright, my darling. Don’t listen to them.”

9.) “Perfect,” she whispered, then took a sip of her wine.

10.) “Can we just put this behind us?”
“You tried to push me off a building.”

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