Emilia’s Awakening


Emilia's Awakening1 (1)

A family secret. A magical inheritance. An ancient curse.

Emilia Briggs has always been a little strange. Not only because she can speak to the dead, but there’s always been a bit more. Something that she can’t quite figure out.

When she’s forced to switch schools, she thinks this will be her new opportunity to start fresh and keep the secrets that devastated her past hidden. Only a little game of truth or dare will put everything she’s built at risk, including her life. And now someone knows her secret.

Will she allow her past to destroy her or will she embrace her new self?

Emilia’s Awakening is a young adult urban fantasy.  This short story is approximately 20,000 words.


Note: I started to debut this on my blog but have removed it for further revision. I hope to re-debut in the near future.



“A story of true but unexpected friendship. Emilia figures out the best way to live is to be yourself and embrace the gifts you are given in life. Great read, you won’t want to put it down!” – Robyn S.

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