Hello, Darkness

D (1)TITLE: Hello, Darkness


GENRE: Paranormal Romance

STATUS:  92,000 words/ In Revision

Official Cover Coming Soon!


Charley Beckett never thought herself crazy, but some days she wished she was. Fifteen years ago, she witnessed her parents murder and her life has been a living hell ever since. After all, vampires aren’t real. But that didn’t stop her from believing.

Now, years later she uncovers the truth. Her father’s secret government lab work – one experimenting on vampires – was the reason for their death. The agency should have known better than to piss off creatures that feed on human blood. They’re stronger, more cunning and when the vampires finally retaliated – the agency crumbled to the ground, along with everyone in it.

But one question always remained – why was she spared? Little did Charley know, Daddy made her an experiment too. One miscalculation and she became a weapon and a drug. She’s the very thing they crave, yet everything they fear.

And now the Dark man has returned and this time – he wants her.



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