Emilia’s Awakening: Chapter Seven

Catch up on previous chapters: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six How could I be so dumb? How could I even think that I was good enough for Brad? Of course, it was Vanessa. I was nothing compared to her, with her stupid perfect boobs and perfect hair and perfect perfectness. I made a direct line …

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Emilia’s Awakening: Chapter Four

Catch up on previous chapters here: Chapter One, Chapter Two, Chapter Three. I stumbled back into the hall banging my back into the corner of the dresser. A sharp pain burned beneath the surface. “Emilia, please don’t leave.”  Was I mistaken? Maybe she wasn’t dead, but her creamy bluish skin told otherwise. I slowly pushed …

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Emilia’s Awakening: Chapter One

Chapter One - Emilia's Awakening Emilia Briggs has always been a little strange. Not only because she can speak to the dead, but there's always been a bit more. Something that she can't quite figure out. When she's forced to switch schools, she thinks this will be her new opportunity to start fresh and keep the secrets that devastated her past hidden. Only a little game of truth or dare will put everything she's built at risk, including her life. And now someone knows her secret. Will she allow her past to destroy her or will she embrace her new self?