My Story.

“If God gave you something to do, why in God’s name wouldn’t you do it?”  

– Stephen King

The two hours before my store opens usually consists of listening to the deafening fans blow or the stale, repetitive music corporate chooses for our cd’s. I swear if I hear “Big Girl’s Don’t Cry” one more time, I’m gonna… I digress. Instead, on Saturday morning, Stephen King whispered “If God gave you something to do, why in God’s name wouldn’t you do it?” into my ear from the audiobook I was listening to, while I was mulling around my store setting ad.

I immediately dropped the stack of ad papers I was working on to write that quote down. It struck me that I have spent my whole life doing things that I felt like other people thought was appropriate. I went to college right out of high school, despite not knowing what I actually wanted to do. I never even explored writing because “it wasn’t a career” or “I’d never make money from it.” Who says that by the way?

In tenth grade, my English teacher Mrs. Bradley, we’ll call her, gave us the assignment to write a short story that had to include the random items or events that she provided us. The subject doesn’t really matter, but I wrote a line in that paper that sticks out to me like the spark that got me started.

“Twisting the door handle, bits of rust flaked off into my hand.”

I suppose the only reason I remember this line is because Mrs. Bradley commented next to it with her blazing red ink “Great imagery!” accompanied by a smiley face. Was it the best line? No. But it most definitely changed my perspective on writing.

After that, I tried my hand at a bit of fan fiction. I added myself to J.K. Rowling’s cast of characters headed to Hogwarts. Oh boy, that was a mess. I’m glad I’m not able to resurrect that from the fiery gates of Hell. It can stay where ever all unfinished stories go to die.


I have tried to write several original stories in the past, but they all eventually got scrapped before the first few chapters were completed. However, these heaping piles of crap showed me one thing: that I enjoyed writing. I was able to be someone else; be somewhere else. Writing has allowed me to escape the anxiety and stress that was beginning to take over my life.

I knew Spark was different. This is the story. I am in love with it, and I get excited when I talk about it. Every time I figure out another puzzle piece I run to my husband, anxious to tell him about it. I’m currently at 60k words and counting, far passed the 40k words for it to be considered a novel and I couldn’t be more excited for the day that I get to share my work with everyone.

Writing is no longer just a hobby for me; it’s my passion. What do I have to lose? I’m a college dropout with a bachelor’s degree in a little bit of everything. Nothing has filled that void for me. Nothing, until Spark.

Happy Writing!


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  1. I have every confidence that spark will be a huge success due to one simple fact you are loving what you are doing. I’m very proud of you, you are a remarkably talented young woman. I’m so excited to read your work 💜

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