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Life, Writing and The Hunger Games.

Think of the most relaxing time of your life. You’re on a beach with a daiquiri in hand. The brim of your sun hat shadows your face while the rest of your body soaks up the sun. A pool boy walks by to ask if you would like another drink. Why not? It’s your time.

Now, think of the exact opposite because that has been my life.

March has come and gone with a tornado. I started prepping for my store’s inventory in late February but the two weeks before is really the time when shit gets crazy. For those that don’t know, inventory is the one day of the year where an outside company comes in and literally scans every single item in the store. So, it takes a bit of prep time.

I didn’t have a day off from March 9th to the 24th. (That’s 16 days without a day to myself.) Most of those days were 12-14 hour days. I was about to break. Mentally and physically, I was exhausted. When I closed my eyes, I thought of everything I could be doing at the store. I woke up from dreams about problems at the store. Even my sleep was exhausting. Not to mention we were one of the 800,000 homes in Michigan that went without power for three days.

So please forgive me for taking a couple of weeks to un-zombify. So, in my little break I did things like went and saw Beauty and the Beast (It’s amazing if you haven’t seen it!) I also, finished The Hunger Games series –  I know I’m late in the game. I also started writing another project that I am excited to tell you about! But first, The Hunger Games.

I fell in love with the first book. It captivated me and swept me away. Before I realized what was happening, I was anxiously up a tree with Katniss Everdeen staring at a Trakker Jacker nest. I felt everything in that book, and at one point I remember thinking, this is what I want to do for my readers. Then it came to an end. A very frustrating end.

One of my pet peeves is cliffhangers, and I found one. A big nasty one, sprouting little white hairs. Not at the end of chapters but the end of the book. If I didn’t already have the other books, I probably wouldn’t have continued. That’s how much I dislike them.

The second book, I enjoyed. I loved seeing Katniss begin to fall for Peeta. I felt like all the action bits were squeezed into a tiny section of the book and the rest dragged for me. Then, another dang cliffhanger.

Mockingjay. Sigh. I didn’t care for it. I know there is a lot of serious stuff going on, but Katniss was just annoying, moping around and not the heroine that she was in the previous books. I felt like keeping her out of danger made the book boring. It was too political. Yes, I’m happy the Capitol was taken down, but I would have liked to see a little more action and lovey stuff.

Overall, it was a good read. I thought Suzanne Collins did an excellent job of drawing me into the story and that’s what I look for, an escape. However, at one point Katniss said something to Peeta that made me laugh “It’s what we do. We save each other.” (or something along those lines) It always seemed like Katniss was saving Peeta. He was always in trouble and couldn’t fend for himself. I would have liked to see it more evenly split because by the end Peeta just seemed like a burden.



I also would have liked to gain a closeness with Prim. I didn’t even cry when she died (and if you know me, I’m a crier.) I was more upset when Finnick died than I was when Prim did.

Well enough of the things I read. How about the things I wrote?

As I mentioned earlier I’ve been working on a short story. I’ve decided I will debut it on my blog! Each week I will post a chapter on Friday. I’m not exactly sure when the launch date will be yet, but I will keep you posted with more details in the following weeks. I have taken a little break because the 20th marked the one month mark since I finished my first draft of Spark and I’ve started revising that. Tune in next week for the summary!!

Well all, I hope that next week I will be back to scheduled programming. If you have anything you would like me to talk about on a future blog, I would love to hear from you! Until then, Happy Writing.

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