Emilia’s Awakening: Chapter One

“Hey! Hey, girl!” I jumped, startled at the sudden outburst. I glared at the man shouting just a few feet from me. His gelled silver hair was combed over, and his gray eyes pleaded for any response. “Please…” his voice softened as he lowered his head.

I sighed, crossing my arms tight in front of my chest, “What do you want?” The woman behind him tried to avoid my gaze by shuffling through the groceries in her cart, picking up the eggs multiple times before setting them in the same spot.

“Tell my wife it’s not her fault.” I followed his eyes to the woman in line just before my mother and me. Her pixie haircut was spiked up into a thick blonde field on the back of her head.

I rolled my eyes and let out a sigh before tapping her on the shoulder to gain her attention. Thick, cakey makeup attempted to hide her wrinkles, and bold black liner circled her puffy pale blue eyes. I suppose it was her attempt to look put together, but I was sure it wasn’t fooling anyone. But who was I to judge? After all, I was the one that had been parading around as a character for the last two years. “Your husband wants you to know it’s not your fault.”

The woman’s body stiffened except for a slight twitch of her lip. Her eyes remained locked on me as she took in what I said. As she lifted her hands to wipe the tears that began to stream down her cheeks, the coffee canister nestled in her arms fumbled and crashed to the floor sending a wave of grounds down the aisle.

My mother grabbed my arm and dragged me from the store, abandoning her cart where we stood. We marched straight to our van with the old rusty fender where she slammed the door shut us in. Sitting in the front seat, I rubbed the red spot on my arm where her nails dug in.

“Do you see what you did to that woman?” I should have known that she was going to throw a fit. Why would it be any different than before? It’s not my fault dead people talk to me. I hadn’t spoken to them in front of her in a while but, I didn’t think it would send her into convulsions.

“God, Emilia.” She sighed. Her brown hair fell forward, shielding her face as she rubbed her temples. “You’ve been doing so well after getting you away from that girl, Sky. I thought you had grown out of these silly pranks.” After all these years…after all the nights I woke her up screaming because a spirit showed me how they hung themselves in my bedroom, she still had the audacity to call them pranks. This happened way before Sky. But she would never admit it.

“Sky has nothing to do with this.” I spat before turning away from her. Blood boiled under my skin. Why couldn’t she understand that? I chewed at my cheek and watched a woman pack her groceries into the back of her silver Mercedes. She was right about one thing though; I was doing better here, but only because without Sky I wasn’t brave enough to be myself. I hid everything about my past, including her.

Sky was the only person I knew like me. But she embraced it. She loved her gift. I think of it more as a curse than anything, and if I could choose, I wouldn’t have it at all. She was part of a past that I desperately wanted gone. That’s why I stopped answering Sky’s calls after we moved. Oh, god, what would she think of me now?

She would laugh at me, no doubt, and tell me I’m a conformist. I’m exactly like the people we said we’d never be. I wear preppy clothes. I have long blonde hair, and my makeup must be perfect. A complete Barbie. I even go by Emma, the name she used to call basic.

Whether she’d like it or not, I needed this life. I don’t come broken and bloodied. Heck, I’d say they actually like me here. But best of all, my secret stays a secret.


Chapter Two will be released on Friday, June, 2nd, 2017. Drop a comment below I would love to hear your comments on the story as we go. And don’t forget to follow my page, so you don’t miss out on any chapters! 


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