Emilia’s Awakening: Chapter Four

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I stumbled back into the hall banging my back into the corner of the dresser. A sharp pain burned beneath the surface. “Emilia, please don’t leave.”  Was I mistaken? Maybe she wasn’t dead, but her creamy bluish skin told otherwise. I slowly pushed the door open.

“H…Hello?” I whispered into the room.

“Emilia. You finally came.” The woman in white rushed from her usual perch at the window and stood just before me.

“Who are you?”

“My name is Morea,” while her hair was a mess of spiraled curls, I couldn’t help but notice the likeness of her and the woman on the bed.

“Is that you?” My finger shook as I pointed at the body.

“It is.” She looked back at the bed, her hazel eyes wrecked with pain.

“What happened? Why hasn’t anyone found you?”

“I only meant to help those of our kind, but some didn’t share my desire. They separated me from my body, and imprisoned me here to stare at the life I once had for all of eternity.” She looked away before she crossed the room and stood in front of the mirror. “It’s been many years since I have met a person with your talents. Someone who can help me.”

“I don’t understand…”

“You can help me transfer back to my physical form, and I can assist you with your greatest desire. You see, I have particular talents. I know things about people; some they don’t even know themselves. And I know you don’t want this gift.”

My mind spun trying to understand. “You’re right… I’d do anything to get rid of it.”

“Then let me help you. But first, you must help me.”

“How? I can only see you, what use is that?”

“You are much more than you realize. Just follow my instruction.” I backed away from her. “I promise. All this will be gone, and you will be free from this burden.”

I paused, unsure of what to think, “okay…”

Joy lit up her eyes, “First, please light the candles.” She pointed at a white box of matches sitting on the dresser. Six candles lay in a circle on the floor as if they had been prepared years before. The burnt black tips and thick droplets of dried yellowed wax that ran down the sides suggested they were well used. She pointed at the matches sitting on the dresser. I followed her direction and lit one at a time until a ring of light surrounded me.

“Write Morea Delphiare on this slip of paper.” A paper floated down from seemingly nowhere. I found a pen in Nate’s jacket pocket and did as she said. “Now, repeat these words and do exactly as I say.”

I repeated after her. “I break the binds on this life that were once cast upon her.” I stuck the paper into the flickering light, and it instantly ignited. “As the paper burns, she is free from the shackles that hold her hostage.” I watched her name turn into ash and crumble to the floor. I feared the red embers would ignite the dust as they fell to the floor, but nothing happened. I tossed the remaining bit of paper into the flame of the candle before it reached my fingertips. “And extinguished shall this bind forever be.” I blew out the candles as I lit them.

A swirl of dust and smoke surrounded me, I began to cough and wheeze under the thick air. My heart pounded in my chest as a prickle grew through my body. I only felt the sensation once. The prickle developed into a burn until it released with an explosion of air, sending me and the candles crashing into the wall.

“Emma!” Nate was smacking my cheeks when I woke. “Emma. Come on. We’ve gotta get you out of here.” The room was blurry, and I could barely make out his face. I wasn’t sure if the room was disheveled or if it was my head spinning. Before I could gain my bearings, I was being lifted from the floor and carried down the steps. I could hear her calling him, “Stop, she’s not done. Stop!” Her voice had changed from the sweet woman calling my name to a deep distorted growl. Or maybe it was my head.

A cool kiss of wind on my cheek, let me know we were outside and brought me out of my fog. “You could see her,” Nate whispered as he lay me down on the grass, just as the world began to stop spinning.

The other boys on watch encircled us pouring their flashlights into my face. “What happened?”

“Get that light out of my face,” I said, holding my hand up to block the light. I held my head as I tried to sit. What was I going to say to them? I began to panic as the thought of my secret began to slip. Nate knew my secret. Nate reached over to help me sit. “DON’T TOUCH ME!” I wasn’t sure what was going to come out of my mouth next. “He tried to kiss me!”

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