Project Siren

woods (1)TITLE: Project Siren


GENRE: Contemporary Fantasy

STATUS:  74,000 words/ In Revision

 Official Cover Coming Soon!

Charley is only eight years old when she finds her parents murdered. The problem is the Nortontown Police don’t believe her when she tells them Vampires are to blame.

Fifteen years later even she believes it was her wild imagination, despite her own supernatural abilities. Her Spark senses are sent into overdrive when she’s introduced to Talum Silvano, but his charm and understanding captivate her, making her ignore her instincts.

Without police assistance, Charley begins to link new victims to her parent’s case and comes closer than ever to discovering the truth. Her quest is interrupted when the Silvano’s betray her. Sending her directly into their enemies arms where she will have to put her pursuit on hold to fight for her life.

Will Charley be successful in bringing justice to her parents or will she succumb to the very beasts that killed them?